I am the editor of an online scholarly resource, international forum and curatorial project called Geoform (

The Geoform project was launched in May 2005. It explores the use of geometric form and structure in contemporary abstract art made by artists from around the world.

There are currently almost 340 artists from 33 countries taking part in Geoform. Most are mid- to late-career artists who have worked in a geometric idiom for substantial periods of time.

Artist Interviews
As part of the project, I conduct in-depth, image-rich interviews with some of the participating artists. To date, there are 41 posted interviews.

Gallery Exhibitions

ORDER(ed) curated by Julie Karabenick
Gallery Siano, Philadelphia, PA, May 5 – June 17, 2006
Color catalog with essay by Roberta Fallon

Participating artists: Steven Baris (PA), Howard R. Barnhart (ME), Mark Brown NC), Grace DeGennaro (ME), Laurie Fendrich (NY), Cheryl Goldsleger (GA), Gail Gregg (NY), Julie Gross (NY), Julie Karabenick (MI), Burton Kramer (Canada), Joanne Mattera (NY), Tim McFarlane (PA), Marjorie Mikasen (NE), Alex Queral (PA), W.C. Richardson (MD), Vincent Romaniello (PA), Tremain Smith (PA)

“A remarkable feature of this exhibition is that each artist is different from all the others … It makes me want to return again and again to the gallery for further communion with 17 talented artists. Who says abstraction is dead when we have this kind of work being made today?” —Anne Fabbri (Art Matters, “The System is Out of Order,” June, 2006)

“This elegant and focused survey gives the viewer an opportunity to appreciate the richness and diversity of geometric abstraction today.” —Krystyna Warchol (Key to Philadelphia, “Who’s on First (Friday),” May 1-14, 2006)

“ORDER(ed) is a smart mix of local and non-local artists … But smartest of all is the content–abstract but ordered and organized, the marks restrained and inspired by some self-imposed logic that, at its best, becomes allusive as well as great to look at.” —Libby Rosof (, “ORDER(ed),” May 17, 2006)


Partial panorama of ORDER(ed) from left: Cheryl Goldsleger, Grace Degennaro (2 works), Julie Gross (2), Marjorie Mikasen, W. C. Richardson, Laurie Fendrich (2), Joanne Mattera (4), Tremain Smith (2). Shows artwork of 8 of 17 artists. Photo courtesy Howard R. Barnhart.

Engaging the Structural curated by Julie Karabenick
Broadway Gallery, New York, NY, April 5 – 30 2005
Essay by Lilly Wei

Participating artists: Timothy App (MD), Howard R. Barnhart (ME), Siri Berg (NY), Laurie Fendrich (NY), Gail Gregg (NY), Cecily Kahn (NY), Julie Karabenick (MI), Joanne Mattera (NY), Tim McFarlane (PA), Marjorie Mikasen (NE), W.C. Richardson (MD), Vincent Romaniello (PA), Christine Vaillancourt (MA)

“As a psychologist and artist, Karabenick is fascinated by the primal power that geometric figures continue to exert. For Karabenick, who is passionate about geometric form and pattern, one impulse in organizing ‘Engaging the Structural’ was to show the diversity of contemporary geometric abstraction and to marvel at the continued vitality of this historic tradition. Artists, Karabenick proves, are still drawn to the richness of its syntax, a syntax that seems inexhaustible.” —from Lilly Wei, “Geometry Reloaded,” NY ARTS Magazine, May – June 2005


Broadway Gallery panoramic view from left: Timothy App, Siri Berg, Tim McFarlane, Julie Karabenick, Cecily Kahn, Howard R. Barnhart, Laurie Fendrich, Christine Vaillancourt, W.C. Richardson, Gail Gregg, Joanne Mattera, Marjorie Mikasen, Vincent Romaniello. Photo courtesy Howard R. Barnhart.